Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Let Us Highly Resolve

Christians can speak with authority, knowing that the standard is not man made, but rather based upon the infinite God, and therefore absolute. Properly applied Christianity is not reduced to a moral code, but rather the moral code points us to the infinite personal God.
The secular man reasons that values are man made. Since life itself evolved, then naturally, values can evolve, and are therefore relative. Since they are relative, they must change as culture and circumstances change. According to this, any fixed set of values slows progress. Anyone holding to a fixed set of beliefs is seen as intolerant, (that word "intolerant" should seem a little famaliar from a political standpoint.) If man is a machine/animal, as the secular world view claims, then why even speak of there being a right/wrong-good/evil? Why should man be responsible for moral behavior; since when was a dog or a cat held responsible for killing each other? Is man an animal or a machine, or completely different from both? If the secular view is correct, then it would be right to condition and program him? If the Biblical view is correct, then the use of behaviorism completely eradictes everything that makes human life valuable from what God meant for us.
Man, according to the secular view, has no dignity. Man today wants to believe that he has dignity and some worth, but the belief system eradictes such a thing.
The "new way of thinking" leaves you two way, you are reduced to a "thing" in search of the "Force," and the second way, you are reduced to subjected to behaviorism and becoming a robot. The end is the same. We need to reason from a Biblical world view.

Those adhering to the secular world view (behaviorism) are in areas of great influence in our country, and trying to control and manipulate the next generation.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

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so cooooool! I am afraid I am losing it but this background is so it lol