Sunday, August 29, 2010

Broken hand/Party

OK,, happy, Hope??

On the broken hand part, I was super super stupid. All my minis know that when I pull there tail, they stop. One of the new ones didn't know that. I grabbed her tail and she double-barreled me in the hand. Long story short, after 4 hours in the hospital, I have a splint on for now and will go to the hand surgeon on Tuesday to get a cast Sabrina, Hope, and Kailey said to get lime green.....idk but probably lol.

The pics always come in first, so i'll explain now :). Last night, there was a bday party for lisa david and noah. Us, the Kindreds (new family w/ 4 girls..Brooke, 19, Sabrina 14, Hope 14, and Macy, 13,)the Hoodenpyles, Ronsicks,and Cyrs went. We had so much fun with water (after dark) and I had to duct tape a trash bag around my arm cuz my splint can't get wet. I looked real funny :)

Saturday, August 21, 2010

There is a God

This is There is a God by Lee Ann of my fav. songs!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

new horse (18th)

We got in bed last night somewhere around 2 am because we were over at Skye's watching the 3rd Lord of the Rings and eating dinner/ice cream. Mom and Lisa got up at 5:30 am to go to Arthur's, a horse trainer. He had a few horses that were supposedly single pleasure and a friend of ours thought that mom might want to see. We're buying one of them. She is a dapple gray 3 year old mare that is green broke to drive. Gorgeous (sp?) mover!! She is already a National Champion (in halter.) One problem, her name is Cameo. We already have a mare named Cameo. She needs a new name...any ideas?? I think we're getting her on Monday or Tuesday because her vet check is on Monday. Here is some pics...When she won nationals. she's too stretched out here (front legs)
Her today

video of supreme

This is a video of Supreme we just made

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

picture day (supreme)

This is Supreme, Dream's 2009 baby. We were gonna keep her becuase she is a very nice mover, but she's only about 30 inches and we want more like 33". These are her "for sale" pics.....

It is amazing, becuase if someone just looks at the pics, they never realize how much work goes into it! First, you have to shave them PERFECTLY with all sorts of different blade sizes to get the right length of hair, then bathe them PERFECTLY....then the make-up, black makeup all over their already razored eyes and muzzle, black the legs, black the hoofs, get the mane to lay flat, glue her forelock in the correct position, get the triangle on her butt to blend in with the top of her tail, etc... Meanwhile, not letting any of the very sticky, gooey black makeup get on you (which never happens) and especially not on her body. It is a time consuming, HOT, day! Not very fun, and then you come inside with 300 some pics and have to go through them all and pick about the top 10, then crop and photoshop them...... long day :)
If life gets too hard to stand, kneel...

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Everything and nothing in particular :)

I'm not moving all these to the bottom..I got lazy lol

WOW I haven't been on here forever!! I knew I wouldn't be on much, but not this little :) Our life has been perfectly nuts in the last 2-3 months. We have somewhere around 25 dogs right not (tons of Lab and Papillon pups) and we're finally down to 17 horses!!! after 24. In the last 2 mo, there has been 30-40 some bird babies. ANY spare time I have ridden, and that has been about 10 times :( My horse ranks far above my blog :) Today was sorta a free day after church. We got home at 2:30pm and then did a whole bunch of chores. Tammy, the lady who is buying Flame, Morning's baby, came over to see him and make another payment. Mom, Lisa, and Tammy went on a walk, so I hopped on Tommy (bareback as usual, cuz my legs are too long for my saddle now) and followed them. I am really really happy with him right now, because I have been taking lessons with Tim, a guy in the neighborhood who does reining (what i did for about 2 yrs) and we have known the Rodneys all my life. He is a excellent horse trainer, so I went over there and took about a 3 hour lesson Sat morning (3 weeks ago.) I have been raised doing Western Pleasure and HUS (Hunter under Saddle) and its just plain too boring for me. I would love to get back into reining or cutting, but my horse's legs are too long for stops and spins. I have done quite a bit of jumping and even worked some barrels, but I don't really like any of it. I have finally found something that requires speed and height, mounted shooting. Mom said once I got my horse trained well, she'd get me a gun, but I sell Serama chickens, and a lady came from Show Low the other day and bought the 8 that I had for sale. I got a couple hundred out of that, so I might be impatient and get me a gun BEFORE my horse is trained :) I have worked him around guns before (and yes, I can sorta shoot :) ) and he has done great, so I am not sure that I really need a gun this early, if there is nothing to improve with either of us. I have been working Tommy on really moving his shoulders around, and getting him more athletic when running, and I am pretty pleased with the result. Tim has helped a lot. It is funny, because at the same time that he is teaching me, he is also giving his wife lessons on her Tennesse Walking Horse and then we both work on it. Now, she says that her horse is doing better, and I obviously think that mine is, so we're thinking about showing off our horses with Tim as judge :) Yesterday, I rode for 3 or so hours out in the rain and is was soooo nice out! I got on after the rain was done tonight and the mosquitoes were real bad, so I only rode for about 1 and 1/2 hours :(

I am sooooo thrilled the bird babies are all gone excepting 2! After a while, the work just gets to be TOO much :) The pups are almost all fun :) The Pap pups are, but the Labs can be hard when its hot outside :) The four Pap pups are ridiculously ADORABLE!! Two are going to some very rich people in CA and they named them Willie (Willie Nelson) and Reba (Reba McEntire.) One of the other ones is named Pickles, who knows where the owner came up with that :) And we named the 4th one Smudge becuase of his markings.
We are still having a blast with the "new" camera

My baby One of the current Lab pups

OH yeah.. we're absolutely hooked on Lord of the Rings!! They are the best movies and are an incredible allegory to the Bible!! Tolkien was a geinus! He didn't set out to write an allegory but his Christian worldview showed thru. lisa and i LOVE the elf, Legolas in it LOL He is really cool :) :) :)
gonna go eat dinner and watch Lord of the Rings..for the 3rd time??? hahaha