Tuesday, October 19, 2010


OK, so we have a friend named Skye who has a baby african grey from us. Accidentally, Gobbles got loose on saturday morning (16th.) We were all devastated and could not find her anywhere. All of us were praying like crazy that this bird would come back. Skye said that if God brought the bird back, she'd come to church with us. Soooooo, we get a call earlier from Skye saying something about the grey and all mom could understand was "come over here NOW" so mom and i get in the truck and come flying over here.We were going down Glendale going 80 mph :) and when we got here, skye was practically hysterical and the bird was home. It was really really amazing because on the way here, Mom prayed that if there was a chance of skye being saved, please please let us catch gobbles easy. She even said "come to my feet" and so we get here and the neighbor is telling us how she caught the bird, and she said that she flew onto the ground in front of her!! We serve an amazing God! PLLLLLLLLLLLLLLEASE be in prayer for Sunday and the salvation of a lost soul...and THANK GOD for the return of Gobbles!!!!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Tucson Barn Dance

Trying to waltz :)


Us 3, Sabrina, Brooke, and Kaziah

Rogers Heaven Sent Ranch...HUGE mini ranch in Tucson (sp??) that we got to visit...soooo fun

Lisa and Leigh Anne at Grandma/Grandpa's house


This mare has incredible movement. But she is absolutely insane. I am TRYING to break her right now so i can show her at Touch in March (at WestWorld)

Mini Show

Sam and Rocky

Me and Heaven
Me and Joy
Paige and Gator
wow where'd SHE come from??? LOL
the most (almost) adorable kid in the world

Friday, October 1, 2010


Love her!!!
and her
and her...
Overwhelmed :)
at the lake
poor brooke didn't know that we were all wearing blue shirts and basketball shorts...
all of us (K's and D's) in yarnell

picture perfect :) NO TRESPASSING

Tree-hugger :)

My soooooo TOTALLY amazing horse

My TOTALLY amazing horse

My reining horse and his trainer

David on Tommy
when we got him
about a year later
Showing at State in Oct
Playing in the field...chasing coyotes and racing hawks :)