Saturday, February 26, 2011


Joy with daffodils ☺

DD absolutely loves the irrigation..weird horse!
My little girl ☺
All the girls comin in w/ dude helping (at least he thinks so)
my window w/ rain looking at the front yard
front yard out my room

Big headed h's

Birdie looking chinese

she looks elfin
We provide entertainment for the kids during church ☺ WEllll not DURING church..this was during the k's goodbye thing
Hadleigh and Laney ♥♥♥

Anna says "Oh horror of horrors" and "she looks like a monkey with an oversized brain" and now she says she's not saying that..yeah hope she thinks highly of you ☺☺☺ SO dooo I ☺♥♥

Me (sticking out like a sore thumb ☺) and the h girls


We got Design and Justine driving!!!

NEW cows!!

Momma and baby..we're gonna sell the mom once the baby is weaned
Perfect heart on her head ♥

EVIL mom ☺

Scottsdale Arabian Show
This is a live running channel of the Scottsdale Arab Show. There is liberty tonight...and it is really really really great. Mom and Lis are there now

Saturday, February 19, 2011

LISA and the FIELD!

Dad :):) ☺

Dude, braced against the wind

ME and the FIELD :)

I was up before the girls this morning, and went out to the field with was sooooo ever soooooo gorgeous! The rain, and even the dirt was so neat!

I gained some weight LOL LOL LOL JK

Dandy dog
Lady of luxury
Lisa and Josiah fighting as usual

Weird reflection of me ☺
Exhausted after the parade My goofy dog......