Saturday, February 19, 2011

LISA and the FIELD!

Dad :):) ☺

Dude, braced against the wind


David R. said...

Jiminy Crickets, Lisa's gonna KILL you! those are the shots she didn't want us to see on the ride home the other day. The same goes for the other posts, I think they're funny, but I have one of those funny, sneaky suspicious feelings, that I can rather guess what Lisa's reaction will be.

Just Ride said...

I don't think so...she was sitting here when I posted them. She didn't want ya'll to see the really goofy ones the other night...didn't post those. She knows what's on here.
Why do you say you have a"funny sneaky suspicious feeling" about the other posts..they aren't of Lis?!?!

Lisa said...

Yeah.......let's just say that there were WORSE ones :)