Saturday, November 6, 2010

More big horses :)

Lisa and Sage
Me and Red

Me and Sage and Anna and Red

I won high point western
Lisa and Sage and Anneke and ?

Now Big Horses..not all of them....

BTW, this is heritage the first year. we're standing along the back left..
lisa and sage

lisa and sage

me and red.. aren't i cute :) jk
anna and shamu
buster trotter
anna and her horse :) lol
lisa and red, a gigantic WHITE quarter horse
us and the moss girls and kelli years ago at a parelli clinic
Me (front) and Anna (back) on Ironman an old (free) arab about 8 years ago
Me on Shytar, an arab when I was about 4??
Anna with Buster, a Missouri Fox Trotter
Bam Bam, my reiner,
Tamby, Bonnery's baby. Bonnery was a off the track, and a horse mom trained. She died of colic 7 weeks after having this baby.
Tamby again. She was honestly literally a devil. She was raised without a mom to push her around, and she would have literally killed us if she could. Very scary horse!!! and absolutely evil.
Sam, a doll of a Paint :) He was a red bag baby and this is Lisa and him at a show.
Mom and Rula, a race horse off the track that had knee chips, so the lady gave him to us as long as we did knee surgery. Mom trained him for Western Pleasure and HUS (hunter under saddle.) He was still super unpredictable and would be down the road before you could blink occasionally.
Rula again. He was a Bold Ruler son!!!
Magic, a big ~ugly~ rope horse we had for a while
Me on JR, the sourest appy ever :) He was showed too much
Me on Indy, a little Paint. You can see how little I am :)
Indy and I at a Paint show (not showing lol) at Empty Acres in Buckeye. Lisa showed Chief_and won :) Put a couple of points on him.

parades (more)

Go to this link (it goes to our website) and there are all of our parade videos: http://

Fiesta Bowl Parade 2010

This parade has a class of its own. It was the very best parade ever. The APS volunteer clowns asked us to do parades with them (they pay for EVERYTHING..even batteries!) and so we did a number with them. I am just posting a don't give it justice...neither does a video, but.....
There were thousands of people and it was so fun!!! http:// I THINK that will take you to the iamranch channel and pull up the right video :) There will be 3 million and a half (slight exaggeration) other of our videos on our channel....


Parades and Events :) (mini ones)

McDonald's drive thru in wickenburgh :)

the wettest most miserable parade ever (parada del SOL-supposed to be sun....)
We braved it :)
wet wet wet
Our mini farrier and her chariot of 3
Soooo funny. We went to a fun show in Chino, and Kailey and I decided we wanted to do the costume class. We used vet wrap and kailey's blanket to make Zig the patient and put a HUMAN jacket on Lily..the doctor. Oh, and we put build a bear shoes on Lily too. And held an umbrella over the patient it was absolutely hysterical!
a trophy we won at a parade
this parade..buckeye light parade
the clown cart we drove in the fiesta bowl
Lisa and about 10 cowboy hats :)
Us 3, Kailey, and a camel
The Buckeye parade (pioneer theme.) (kailey and david)
Memorial Day Parade
Me and Zig Zag hooked up to my scooter lol

Just incase you can't tell....

I am bored to death. Mom and the girls went to Tucson (my grandpa's 80th bday party) and Dad and I are sick so we stayed home. I am now well enough to feel totally bored but sick enough to not be able to do anything. Dad is asleep.

Soooo, there's going to be an awful lot of pictures coming in, because there's nothing else for me to do :)

Our minis (past and present lol) not all of them

The most amazing hrose ever..yeah she's mine :)
The one and only stallion..warrior

proud to be the one and only stud too :)
supreme, Dream's 2009 baby. She was born on my reiner's bday :)
Sam, newish one from ohio
sam again
flame, morning's 2010 baby and dude
Turba, my first mini. (6 or 7 years ago)
Sam and Sir
Crazy color. Jazz, a stallion we sold to CA
Loren and Bailey, Joy's dad
Missy, national champion yearling halter
joy, princess :)
Fairy tale... Joy, Magic's 2010 baby
Magic, example broodmare, perfect driving horse,etc. She has a baby in the HOF (hall of fame) in roadster
Irish, Lily's 2010 buckskin baby
Lily, Mom's baby
Justine, got her at a sale at Touch in 2008.
Little brat....not really, just pushy (Heaven) Turba's 2009 baby
Playing with picture of Glory, a mini we sold
Faith, Magic's 2008 baby. neat eyes
Younger Faith

Dream/Anna/Noel at a 2008 Christmas parade
nutty project (cameo)
angel (i call her demon or devil) cameo's's project
me and the team (magic and zig zag )
a whopping big chunk of our minis lol
me and dream, anna's hippo LOL LOL, (inside joke :) ) before a parade