Saturday, February 25, 2012


I got to ride this beautiful boy again today :) Brad gave Tim a new drill to work on flying lead changes though, and it just wasn't connecting...with me or Reggie :) His stops have improved drastically, and it feels so good to ride a good slide again!!

And, Molly actually got loped today for the first time!!! That was pretty cool; a little under a month ago, she was known as 'the killer,' and now she's a doll!!

And, Design, Joy, Candy, Cameo, DD, Dream, Lily, Beamer and Bri all got worked today...Linda is doing a fantastic job with Candy. I love seeing progress/improvement in my horses!!

He looks like a halter horse here....I just walked Design around the corner, and he grew about 3 feet taller and wider :)

Friday, February 10, 2012

15 random things

Don't take these in order...

1: I decidedly don't like watching movies as a general rule (with exceptions.)

2: I have a knack for doing idiotic things, especially around people that I don't want to look like an idiot around (& around those I don't care too)

3: I would LOVE to be able to sing, but I can't sing a note

4: I love doing almost any kind of physical activity and love exercise

5: Psalms, Romans, Philippines, and Revelations are my favorite books in the Bible (if I had to choose)

6: I always (so mom says) demanded attention as a far as taking her face and turning it towards me...we're working on that lol

7: I also have a knack for ruining things when cooking....not baking, just cooking. I'm working on that one also...honestly :)

8: I (almost) always wear jeans/shorts under a skirt whenever I wear one

9: I love calling people and animals by either nick names or just plain weird ones....Chief, a Paint, became Beef Stew, Lis's dog is Princess Prissy Mouse, my horse is a baby devil, Pearl is 'Pearl the prancing pig.' (trust me, it fits.)

10: As a general rule, its really hard to hurt my feelings

11: I absolutely love giving people a hard time

12: Would adore a Southern accent, and wouldn't complain if I got an Aussie one

13: Every time I drill something, I consistently have the drill going the wrong way

14: Every (don't get me wrong...EVERY) night, when I go to the barn to check the girls, (I only want to turning the lights in the foaling stall) & it is one out of two switches. I'm afraid I've never gotten the right switch... yeah, for about a year now.

15: Unless I am at home or in our neighborhood, I notoriously can not get east south north west right. Never. I think I can, and I'm always wrong.

Oh, and Dad just said to remind everyone that I talk faster than the speed of light....

If you got anymore...lemme know... would <3 that :P

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

'Junior' pictures :)

OK so Lis is graduating and doing all her senior pictures, so hey, can't Ann and I do some jr ones??? lol

And, yes, I actually curled my hair!! First time in 8 to 10 years :)