Tuesday, February 7, 2012

'Junior' pictures :)

OK so Lis is graduating and doing all her senior pictures, so hey, can't Ann and I do some jr ones??? lol

And, yes, I actually curled my hair!! First time in 8 to 10 years :)



Gods Country Boy said...

Man, that looks like fun. Doing photo shoots like that are always so much fun. Lis is having way to much fun with lightroon. :)

Jessie said...

haha no I actually edited those. It's waaay to much fun!! I'm afraid Mom has to peel me off my computer :0

Abigail ♫ said...

Those pics of you are beautiful!!! :)

Cheryl said...

The girls' votes are in:
Macy chose #5, Emma's pick #11, and for me......drumroll...#12.

Mandie said...

Beautiful pictures. You look so much like your mom.
Definitely looks like you girls are having so much fun doing photo shoots!
Hope you're doing well.


Jessie said...

thx Mandie! Mom said she was honored :) It is a ton of fun. And the editing is a ton of fun!

Jessie said...

& thanks Abigail and Mrs. C too :P