Thursday, January 5, 2012

Horses_Fiesta Bowl

Sawyer :)
THAT'S a shotgun!!
Brennan's payment...a good soaking
Me and Faith with the idiotic Justine...
Vicki :)
No comment....
Linda and Lisa have been driving Bri and I've been working her for hunter because she has both driving and hunter futurities on her...this year. That means Texas for the World show in September/October!!!
Hot-shot!My baby devil ♥
She's so crazy cute!
Youth 32" & under Roadster watch out ☺


Jordanna said...

Love that pic of Mr. R sprawled out while everyone else is running around. Looks like y'all had fun :)

Lisa said...

"the idiotic Justine," eh? Watch it....that's an Open Country Pleasure 32"-34" winner!!!