Saturday, January 29, 2011

Funny video

This is a video of me on Tommy in our pasture trying to play w/ the mini herd. Angel (aka Demon) is the lead mare, and she WILL NOT let me get near her. It is funny to watch her chase tommy away! The link doesn't take you to is a big screen movie that idk how mom did it ☺ Here is the link..embedding was disabled when uploaded :( Copy and paste it..

Pics of Goldie/Nina pups

LOVE her face!

The runt...she's tiny!
Nina's ADORABLE pups! They go home next week :(
Monstrer Goldie! A little too wide for a norm Lab...and too wide for comfortablness....however you say that?!
BIG belly/1
Thank God!!!
Happy mom ☺ 2 out...who knows how many more to come!


THANK GOD!! 18 hours after yesterday's puppy...and a really long night....we (us and the M's...Kailey and her mom) decided she needed to go to the vet and maybe a C-section. So, we packed her into the back of the car w/ me and a comforter and headed out. About 5 mins from the vet's office, I was watching her and suddenly yelled, "Contraction..big contraction....bag....PUPPY!!!" And, sure enough, in the back of the car, there was a little black Lab boy! Shocking enough! We turned around and went back home, only to wait a few more hours and finally have another chocolate girl, and that was about 2 hours ago, STILL WAITING! But, thankfully, both pups are alive, healthy, etc! Her belly doesn't even look any smaller...she's sagging almost on the ground, poor girl! Will post pics.....

Friday, January 28, 2011


My amazing child

Don't tell Anna I put this on...she'll kill me ☺

He looked so terrible!! All hairy because its COLD in Oregon!!

Driving years ago
At Nancy's being goofy ☺

Goldie's Birth/prayer

Goldie started having some discharge this morning, and some contractions, so we have been keeping a really close eye on her all day. She isn't due till next Friday. We love our little girl and want all to be healthy! PLEASE PRAY for our little girl!

Agility Video

The first video is of Mika, Joy's pup, and then it gets really good!....moves on to higher level dogs. Mika got all the way to Open at the ONE show and got 14 ribbons! We are all sooooo proud of her!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Agility Trial

The reason we went to the agility trial was to watch Meeka, Joy/Magi puppy run. She got two q's!! (qualifying runs so she can move up from novice need three q's to move up from a class...) She looked (and did) really good!!!
My job....setting up and moving the obstacles around. I was feeling TERRIBLE to ☺
The teeter totter ☺ for dogs...high speed dogs!!
Over the first jump headin for the
Splash dog trials. This dog holds the world record at 30 some foot jump!
Where'd the dog go?? Now you see the reason for the name "SPLASH dog" ☺ lol
The Border Collies were AMAZING!

It was really neat,,,there was Splash Dog trials, Agility Trials (3 fields), herding, lures, and flyball. There was EVERY SINGLE KIND OF DOG imaginable it was really cool!


Our new boy.....wooooow woooow........

Thursday, January 20, 2011


Didn't know she could jump till today!! Shocking

Think she can win a halter class?? Pasture condition and not in show shape either!!! I ♥ her!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Sermon Summary

God ses a perfect standard that He tells us to keep. That is impossible because of our sin and our complete, total depravity. God is completely separated from sin and completely pure. He deserves all worship and demands it as well as that we are not to put anything before Him. He gives us His Law and expects obedience, and if He doesn't get it, there are consequences. Many separations occurred because of the Fall of man: man from God, man from other man, man from himself, man from nature, nature from nature, etc....

Sooooo, what is sinful man to while serving a perfect God who gave perfect Laws and expects perfect obedience? Even the priests, who were the only ones allowed (once a year) into the Holy of Holies, needed atonement and couldn't atone for others until they did so for themselves. Here, I am basically painting the picture of impossibility....until Jesus (or a bull) steps into the picture.

B.C, (Moses' time and on for a while) they needed a bull/goat/sheep/dove/pigeon/etc. to sacrifice for the atoning blood. The scapegoat was a picture of what Jesus would later do for us. The Israelites would lay their sins on this goat (who, obviously was sinless because it was a GOAT) and then turn the animal into the desert, probably to meet its end. Christ removed the need for this scapegoat (and the sacrifices) by His death on the cross. Now, we can lay our sins on Him, the perfect Saviour and he removes them from us! He made the Holy of Holies accessible to anyone at anytime forever, having obtained for us eternal redemption. Christ offered himself as the one and only sacrifice that would ever suffice, versus the priest continually offering sacrifies. Now,

"We can come boldly before the throne of grace that we may obtain mercy and find grace...." ♥ ♫

Saturday, January 15, 2011


Us and the K's went on an EIGHT mile the spring. We went to late and it got dark and 30 some degrees!! OUCH it was cold :)
Whole group at the spring
girl group at the spring

k group at the spring
climb hopey climb.....
ICICLES...matched my body temp
Someone's "mad" =D
EXHAUSTED_macie and I
....Throw Hopey throw.....Orange peel fight at the 2 mile can see the orange at the top of the pic
evil grin.....I was GOING to hit Mr. K w. an orange peel for scaring me earlier :)

Jump Hopey jump :)
Peek-a-boo Macie
SCARY...Beana, on top of the world WITH A KNIFE...'bout the freakiest thing you can find ANYWERE
Pretty pretty ♥
Waiting for the tortoise..(we're the hares)....the tortoises...Mr and Mrs K :)