Saturday, January 8, 2011


Yeah....we're keeping one!!!!! This is her
Perfect fit :) not her

DOLL!!!! This is the super tiny one

So far, names are Jax, Abby, Annie, Snickers, Tootsie, and Beamer....


Hopeyy ! ( : said...

Oh MY GOSSHHNEES ! There alot cutter then youu. :D
JK JK JK ! promise im kidding.
but really they are adorable. ♥

Sarah said...

Oh I WANT ONE! -Jessie they are just too cute!
:D Love the pictures :D
Miss U

Just Ride said...

You were in a nasty mood Hopey JK JK JK :) I konw you're kiding....I know they're adorable..and you are perfectly right...not as much as I am :)

Hope said...

Oh kayyyyy . im done being mean . just had tuh get you back my dearr.

Just Ride said...

ok honey :)....i know there isn't such a thing as meanness in your amazing self...... JK JK JK that one wasn't true :) ♥
Please don't stop being mean I really enjoy it ♥ ☺

Just Ride said...

One left Sarah :)

Sarah said...

Oh really ! It must be sad to have to sell them. At least it would be for me :D