Saturday, January 15, 2011


Us and the K's went on an EIGHT mile the spring. We went to late and it got dark and 30 some degrees!! OUCH it was cold :)
Whole group at the spring
girl group at the spring

k group at the spring
climb hopey climb.....
ICICLES...matched my body temp
Someone's "mad" =D
EXHAUSTED_macie and I
....Throw Hopey throw.....Orange peel fight at the 2 mile can see the orange at the top of the pic
evil grin.....I was GOING to hit Mr. K w. an orange peel for scaring me earlier :)

Jump Hopey jump :)
Peek-a-boo Macie
SCARY...Beana, on top of the world WITH A KNIFE...'bout the freakiest thing you can find ANYWERE
Pretty pretty ♥
Waiting for the tortoise..(we're the hares)....the tortoises...Mr and Mrs K :)


Hope said...

OH my my my . i look weird in the "K's family pic " haha . That wasss funn .


Lisa said...

...and COLD!!!!

Just Ride said...

You always do Hopey LOL LOL JK JK PROMISE JK :)
You just worded that too funny :)