Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Sermon Summary

God ses a perfect standard that He tells us to keep. That is impossible because of our sin and our complete, total depravity. God is completely separated from sin and completely pure. He deserves all worship and demands it as well as that we are not to put anything before Him. He gives us His Law and expects obedience, and if He doesn't get it, there are consequences. Many separations occurred because of the Fall of man: man from God, man from other man, man from himself, man from nature, nature from nature, etc....

Sooooo, what is sinful man to while serving a perfect God who gave perfect Laws and expects perfect obedience? Even the priests, who were the only ones allowed (once a year) into the Holy of Holies, needed atonement and couldn't atone for others until they did so for themselves. Here, I am basically painting the picture of impossibility....until Jesus (or a bull) steps into the picture.

B.C, (Moses' time and on for a while) they needed a bull/goat/sheep/dove/pigeon/etc. to sacrifice for the atoning blood. The scapegoat was a picture of what Jesus would later do for us. The Israelites would lay their sins on this goat (who, obviously was sinless because it was a GOAT) and then turn the animal into the desert, probably to meet its end. Christ removed the need for this scapegoat (and the sacrifices) by His death on the cross. Now, we can lay our sins on Him, the perfect Saviour and he removes them from us! He made the Holy of Holies accessible to anyone at anytime forever, having obtained for us eternal redemption. Christ offered himself as the one and only sacrifice that would ever suffice, versus the priest continually offering sacrifies. Now,

"We can come boldly before the throne of grace that we may obtain mercy and find grace...." ♥ ♫

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