Saturday, April 2, 2011


HAHA hopey

Comment if the video is split in might be on smaller screened computers cuz this computer has a huge screen....

Touch of Class 2011

The show's troublemakers...we had fun screaming for ANYONE and EVERYONE that won ANYTHING...I got hilarious videos
Grand Prix arena..don't think Hopey's enjoying it much???
Our house
Hope, Dyna, Kailey, and I ate french fries and nachos, but I think Dyna enjoyed them most
Nice socks Kailey
Justin, Justine's dad
Santana, Design and Beamer's paternal brother
Moms fan club
lots of blues ☺

Mom's personal hairdresser

Grand Prix jumpers sooo amazing
Quintessa Radiante Carouso
Miss Cool Girl with her everpresent SHADES ☺

The eye of a champ!

MOM111 and Design

He did soo amazing for his first show!!!!!

Sooooouuuuuuoookkkkooddddooaaaeeeeiiiioo pretty