Saturday, January 29, 2011


THANK GOD!! 18 hours after yesterday's puppy...and a really long night....we (us and the M's...Kailey and her mom) decided she needed to go to the vet and maybe a C-section. So, we packed her into the back of the car w/ me and a comforter and headed out. About 5 mins from the vet's office, I was watching her and suddenly yelled, "Contraction..big contraction....bag....PUPPY!!!" And, sure enough, in the back of the car, there was a little black Lab boy! Shocking enough! We turned around and went back home, only to wait a few more hours and finally have another chocolate girl, and that was about 2 hours ago, STILL WAITING! But, thankfully, both pups are alive, healthy, etc! Her belly doesn't even look any smaller...she's sagging almost on the ground, poor girl! Will post pics.....

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