Friday, February 10, 2012

15 random things

Don't take these in order...

1: I decidedly don't like watching movies as a general rule (with exceptions.)

2: I have a knack for doing idiotic things, especially around people that I don't want to look like an idiot around (& around those I don't care too)

3: I would LOVE to be able to sing, but I can't sing a note

4: I love doing almost any kind of physical activity and love exercise

5: Psalms, Romans, Philippines, and Revelations are my favorite books in the Bible (if I had to choose)

6: I always (so mom says) demanded attention as a far as taking her face and turning it towards me...we're working on that lol

7: I also have a knack for ruining things when cooking....not baking, just cooking. I'm working on that one also...honestly :)

8: I (almost) always wear jeans/shorts under a skirt whenever I wear one

9: I love calling people and animals by either nick names or just plain weird ones....Chief, a Paint, became Beef Stew, Lis's dog is Princess Prissy Mouse, my horse is a baby devil, Pearl is 'Pearl the prancing pig.' (trust me, it fits.)

10: As a general rule, its really hard to hurt my feelings

11: I absolutely love giving people a hard time

12: Would adore a Southern accent, and wouldn't complain if I got an Aussie one

13: Every time I drill something, I consistently have the drill going the wrong way

14: Every (don't get me wrong...EVERY) night, when I go to the barn to check the girls, (I only want to turning the lights in the foaling stall) & it is one out of two switches. I'm afraid I've never gotten the right switch... yeah, for about a year now.

15: Unless I am at home or in our neighborhood, I notoriously can not get east south north west right. Never. I think I can, and I'm always wrong.

Oh, and Dad just said to remind everyone that I talk faster than the speed of light....

If you got anymore...lemme know... would <3 that :P


Gods Country Boy said...

I didn't know 3 and 5 - and that's it.
Want more?
You never ear jeans with any sort of pockets and is always losing your knife.

Trigger happy on a camera.

I'll think of more later.
Funny stuff sis.

Jessie said...

Would love more :)

I never 'ear' jeans period. OK, maybe I do 'wear' jeans that don't have any sort of deep pair. Every single other one is normal lol And, 'always,' really? I can think of once. (ok ok with my new knife that's actually stuck around for 2 months.) But, come to think of it, I think you're right because I never lose my big Buck that goes on my belt loop, but I lose my pocket knives...

OK,,,I'll stop giving you a hard time....but I do think that you're telling Lis and I these things cuz you want us to give you some on know, maybe some sort of karma :) Good luck, big bro lol

Gods Country Boy said...

Oooh, insinuating things are you now?
No, actually I didn't think you ear-ed your pants, just wore them. The W kept refusing to show up to work, so he eventually got fired. The replacement just was found and was stuck on the 'wore'.
Whats karma got to do with it?

Lisa said...

She's using words that are too big for her....umm hmm...