Saturday, November 6, 2010

Parades and Events :) (mini ones)

McDonald's drive thru in wickenburgh :)

the wettest most miserable parade ever (parada del SOL-supposed to be sun....)
We braved it :)
wet wet wet
Our mini farrier and her chariot of 3
Soooo funny. We went to a fun show in Chino, and Kailey and I decided we wanted to do the costume class. We used vet wrap and kailey's blanket to make Zig the patient and put a HUMAN jacket on Lily..the doctor. Oh, and we put build a bear shoes on Lily too. And held an umbrella over the patient it was absolutely hysterical!
a trophy we won at a parade
this parade..buckeye light parade
the clown cart we drove in the fiesta bowl
Lisa and about 10 cowboy hats :)
Us 3, Kailey, and a camel
The Buckeye parade (pioneer theme.) (kailey and david)
Memorial Day Parade
Me and Zig Zag hooked up to my scooter lol

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Kirkpatrick's said...

like the one of you and zigzag on the scooter!