Saturday, August 7, 2010

new horse (18th)

We got in bed last night somewhere around 2 am because we were over at Skye's watching the 3rd Lord of the Rings and eating dinner/ice cream. Mom and Lisa got up at 5:30 am to go to Arthur's, a horse trainer. He had a few horses that were supposedly single pleasure and a friend of ours thought that mom might want to see. We're buying one of them. She is a dapple gray 3 year old mare that is green broke to drive. Gorgeous (sp?) mover!! She is already a National Champion (in halter.) One problem, her name is Cameo. We already have a mare named Cameo. She needs a new name...any ideas?? I think we're getting her on Monday or Tuesday because her vet check is on Monday. Here is some pics...When she won nationals. she's too stretched out here (front legs)
Her today


Blessed Arrows said...

Oooh....very nice! I can see why she is a halter champion!
Mrs G.

Anna said...

Yeah, Lis might be going to Oklahoma to show her in Nationals in Sept.

Jacob G. said...

Oklahoma?????? Wow... that's far from home. :) Is this true?

Just Ride said...

yep...Denice (the friend who would take her) is leaving on Monday night and will get back the next Tuesday..