Sunday, March 13, 2011

Random pics

All the teeth that Carl took out yesterday. 10 out of DD!
Holding Beamer down..Lisa and I sure got beat up!

creepy pic of me
bee ☺
Apple blossoms in our front yard
Our house with the apples ☺
weird pic of my eye ☺
Bri, our new mare, came from cindy mcpike, in oregon. Casey Campbell is taking her from southern ca to Touch of Class...she's justine's half-sister.


Kirkpatrick's said...

Bri is sooo furry!!! Well, that's not a suprise because its cold up here ☺ and thats a really weird picture of you
is it h☼t there yet? i herd it g☼t in the 80's already :( it has been really nice up here, in the 40's & 50's!!! thats really nice weather ☺
i miss everybody!!! tell Sabrina hi for me ♥


Kirkpatrick's said...

Oh, and how are you all doing? it looks like you have been really busy!! ☺

Mandie said...

Wait, that very top picture is teeth? I just baby barfed in my mouth.


Hopeyy ! ( : said...

& Bri ?!?! I didnt see her, on friday..
Ohhh! & call me, when lily goes into labor, PLLLEEEAASSEE!

Just Ride said...

Cuz we didn't have her on Friday..good enough reason?

@ Mandie.... TMI ☺