Saturday, October 8, 2011

Nationals Pictures (second post)

OK....this is the first time I've had time to post these...there's 3 posts bts ☺

Me and the show photographer having camera wars (seriously) in between classes. I think he was bored_and sorta (understandably) suspicious of anyone on the rail with a "big" camera. I think us, Kevin Kidder, and Kelly Campbell were the only ones! But we were watched....Kelly and Kevin were being paid by people to take pics instead of him because he didn't have enough time during a class to take more than 1 or 2 pics a class per horse. He was a pretty good sport :)
Show ring steward taking pics of a horse on his phone..too funny
Erica couldn't get the treats out of her pocket during halter
This lady was a..ummmm....character*
What a hat (1 of the judges)
Casey photographer. Not a very honoring pic....funny guy. He was dancing in the arena ☺
TX_Cadillac Ranch..very strange person that did that!
WOO HOO...its 2 am
Talk about RAIN!!! Crazy in Albuquerque..
Mom's little brother SHOCKED us by being there!
TX ranches
Mom and Dan
Me and the coffee....attempting almost unsuccessfully to figure it out. I won in the end ☺
Hotel in OK
Me and my puppy in NM??? Maybe Holbrook
Lisa and Basher (the brave) trying to look ferocious
big arena....
..and BIGGER classes. Up to 63 horses a class
Our trailer out the hotel (NM) window..some have heard the story that goes with this ☺
Casey and Rogue, Aimee's girl, won National Grand Champion
Silver Meadows Phantom Storm_won World Grand Champion in Single Pleasure for the past 4 years in a row. Almost unbeaten....Pearl, our "pig" is pg to him!
Springer Farms Brittany (roadster champ)
Buttonwillows Rocky Illusion and Cam Nelson

Cheerio..I'm done ☺


David R. said...

Tell Lisa she is not near ferocious enough looking. Lower her eye brows, make her snarl, and put a bezel on the front of that bad boy in her hands and it MIGHT be formidable. :)

Lisa said...

Ha ha ha :) I don't think I would look ferocious even then.