Sunday, April 29, 2012

Yes, I'm tired...and lovin it

Horse born at 5am Friday. Never even tried to catch up on sleep. Get all ready for church this morning, and lo and behold, dog goes into labor. Stay home, sort and cut out coupons all day long...literally like almost 6 hours. And watched almost 60 videos from the Piano Guys and fell totally in love...they're unbeatable! Absolutes best videos combined with the best music...yeah well you get the point. Amazing. And hilarious...behind the scenes had me in stitches :) Wait all day for puppies, finally starts hard labor at 6pm {and I skipped church why??} and first pups tail appeared 7.30pm. Really really tough delivery. Boy of course. Next, 10 mins later, 2 took all of 15 secs with no problem at can guess...girl. So now am playing on photography sites and watching the now boring dog while awesome Linda cleans all the stalls because we irrigated at midnight and the horses and stuck in the barn. (and btw I can't type at all....I just put 'the horses are stuck in the problem' ugh. Very pleased with spell check right now! Or else not a word would make sense)

We have the absolute bestest life ever. And this is the BEST time of year!


Abigail ♫ said...

Wow. Sounds crazy and exciting!!!
btw I am a HUGE fan of the piano guys too!!

Jonah Mike said...

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God Bless