Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Why does God allow......?

A particular friend of ours has had a lot to say recently concerning the issue of animal abuse, and just put in a facebook post "I have a hard time believing in a God who would let this happen." You've heard it before, "Why would a good God allow bad things to happen?" Now I'm going to seem to change subjects, but just bear with me.

I know of a knife company...a really good knife company. Now when I say "really good" concerning knives, what sort of things are you thinking? Probably number 1 would be sharp, balanced, and capable of use in self-defense, (or killing people, depending on your singular personality. Preferably you will not try that.) So one day I get a call from a friend who says "I have a friend (I shall call him Johnny) that just got stabbed by one of those knives you're always raving about, and I want to know how to go about pressing charges on that knife company." *Rolling eyes and sighing* At this point we are all thinking the guy should be put in a asylum, for wanting to press charges against the knife company. What about the idiot holding the knife?? Even poor sick Johnny's family would  agree....you'd be nuts to try and blame the knife. Its not the spoon that makes you fat, its your own lack of self-control...aka gluttony.
But yet, as Johnny's family sits around his bedside bemoaning his fate, you know what they're saying? "How can a "good God" allow this to happen to our poor Johnny?" They quickly laugh my friend out of the room with the suggestion of pressing charges on the knife company. Isn't it funny how we try to press charges on GOD for the pain and suffering in the world? Genesis 1:31 says God saw everything that He created and it was VERY GOOD.. but man used his God given freedom to rebel and brought death and suffering into the picture...

 The creators of the knife created many 'perfect' knives, and sold them to whoever paid them along with an instruction manual...(you know, basic safety, use, and care.) They did their job, and were available go contact if you had questions or problems. Now isn't that something like what God did? He created a perfect world with perfect humans, gave us His 'instruction manual' (in the beginning, His spoken Word, and now, His written Word.) Man broke said commands, brought sin and death into the world, and now lives controlled by his sin nature unless he is saved by God's grace through faith. Is it Gods fault that we don't treat mankind as though each and every human is made in the image of God and incredibly special in His sight? Blaming Adam is accurate, but pointless; I mean, the guy has been dead and buried for how long? So man mistakenly blames God.

 So God is the knife company, the idiot handling the knife is our sin nature, and we are the knives. Now yes, granted, you can't take this analogy all the way, because we aren't subject to our sin nature as the knife is subject to its handler, if we are saved. So don't try and take this all the way to the end, but I just thought it was interesting. Feedback??

OT again. Ever heard of a hit list or a hit man? You know, like in gangs. The gang will have a list of people to hit (kill) and the hit man is the one for the job. Make it your goal today to get on Satan's hit list. Make him groan when he sees you get out of bed in the morning....and even highlight your name on that hit list. Live your life so radically for God that Satan can't wait to get you outta here. And pray for others, (I.e. Me!) to obey in the little things...and to make God the center of everything. To live and move and have my being in GOD! (I heard this e.g. In a book I'm reading right now and thought it was a neat way of putting things in perspective.)


Jordanna said...

Good thoughts!

Interestingly, few people ever ask why God "lets" good things "happen" to bad people. Like us. All of us.

It reminds me of Romans 9 in general and, specifically, verse 20. What right do we have to shake our fist (or press charges) against God. What are we? We're dust that God has been unspeakabley merciful to. God "lets" bad things "happen" to us? I think not. I think He gives us things we don't understand, but they're still for our good and His Glory (Romans 8:28).

Gods Country Boy said...

Good Shtuff! It's neat to see more and more blogs of people I know who were once posting everyday things start posting edifying topics and ideas.
Satan's hitlist - I have had that idea for a while, but not under that exact title. Boy, let me tell you, we're at the top or pretty near close to it (us being the younger generation).
If he can take us down, he basically can take over the world. We right here right now are the link to the future. If we don't continue the vision that our parents gave us, what hope is there for the world? Besides a radical act of God (which isn't far fetched)we are the only things left. WE are the link in the chain he is trying to break.

This also goes in line with what we were talking about in worldviews. Laws never ever save people. Ever. Ever. Laws are only there as the standard for which to judge actions against. The only way freedom can exist is with ONLY God's laws, and no other ones, with man free do follow God as he pleases in His bounds. Suing the knife company never makes less people die from knife wounds, the Gospel saves lives, and changes peoples hearts, so they don't want to kill people.
The less laws, the better.
Duty is Ours!
p.s. Written in true Jessie form. I was amused while reading this. Keep up the good work!

Dakota said...

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Have a blessed day!

In Christ,
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