Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Pictures w/ quotes

I have been playing around with pictures...not the editing kind, but putting quotes/wise cracks/scripture/lyrics etc on them.
                                                                       'nuff said
This one I used lyrics on

I need to revise this one...push the enter key halfway thru the text and make it a little bigger


 lyrics again on this one....(and in case you don't know this song, its supposed to be "than now," not "then now...."


 and yes, I see some 'need revisions' popping up on this one (above) as well...
 Love NM skies!!

 Now I want some opinions....


Gods Country Boy said...

My opinion is angels aren't wild, and the ones who did got hooked by a horned tail and went down to the hot place. :) Just sayin....
Fun stuff though. Scars.... Yeah I got loads of those.

Lydia Johnson said...

Hey Jessie,
I love these pictures.
Mostly cause they reflect a lot on my life too.
Like you I am fifteen (unless you haven't updated that in a while)I am also a Christian and God is the reason I ride horses.
I was laughing my head off at the similarities.

Anna said...

You need to post girlfriend!!!