Saturday, June 12, 2010

photo shoot

I know... i totally did the hat for fun

i like being sorta goofy LOL

Photo shoot-anna and i in the field...will post more later

Joy is doing good...her and Mom and Lisa went to the vet because no pups after 4 hours. They did a C-Section and have 4 puppies

thanks for the prayers!!
my horse is almost sound again so i'm not on here any spare time i ride :)


Kirkpatrick's said...

I like all the pictures :-) They are really cute! Can't wait for more! Glad Joy is doing good ;-) -Sadie

God's girl said...

I really like the one of you with the horse and your head is back and you are smiling/laughing. The background of mountains is nice too.
They are all good.

ilovemyhorseys said...

AWWWW !JESSE! I LOVE Thoose pics 1 :D
Tomm yLooks handsome too.

Just Ride said...

thx :)
he is AMAZINGLY handsomely gorgeous!@!