Sunday, June 6, 2010

SB 1070 Rally at the Capital

I love that shirt..

He was selling shirts that said "I didn't vote for this Obamanation"

Tons of t-shirt dealers. one that said "I'll keep my guns, money, freedom, and God, you can keep the change."

The bottom of this sign says "how can the police pick and choose which laws to enforce" because if you get pulled over by a cop and tell em you're a illegal you don't have to show an ID.

There was a rally at the Capital for the immigration bill (SB 1070) last night. It started at 3, but it was too hot, so us and the R's left our house around 3:45 (They came here and we went together.) There were a million speakers (not quite that many lol) including Joe Arpaio, some senator from CO, Mike Broomhead, and two other people that were really good, Nightinglae and Hayes, I don't know first names. Then the climax, JD Hayworth.
Everybody had signs (mostly for it but some protesters) flags (AZ and USA) and shirts about Obama and sb 1070! There were a few hundred people! We walked around and listenend to some speakers until 6:30, and then they were having a barbecue (expensive) with JD speaking. We didn't want to pay for dinner (at least not a lot) so we went to Bashas and got fried chicken and went back. Meanwhile, the R's left for home. We came back and went to listen to JD and eat our chicken! We were standing leaning over a fence that was above the "stage," while most everyone else was down below. OMG, there was a guy standing next to us and a person standing next to him dressed in a pig outfit. The pig had a sign that was slamming JD and the guy next to him grabbed the sign and threw it over the fence. A girl on the other side picked it up and hid it beneath her chair. The pig quite promptly stomped off. The guy who took his sign followed the pig around forever. Then some kid came up and asked for the sign, got it, and took it back to the pig. It was really funny!
JD was good, but he didn't say what HE stood for, he only slammed McCain the whole time. Obviously he was against amnesty (and McCain,) but he didn't talk about himself and what he was gonna do much. On the way home, Mom called her parents (who are extremely conservative and Mom takes their advice on voting) and they said that they were voting for JD and they're "mad" at McCain for changing how he was. JD even said, "I think someone took McCain's identity cuz he is standing for things he didn't used to stand for."
Oh, I forgot, earlier on at the main part of the rally, there was plentiful arguements :) We had seen a guy on a horse walking around. That obviously got all of our attention. I guess I just assumed he was a "good guy." He came over a while later and was a protester! He didn't really seem to know what he was talking about though. Him and Dad got in an argument and there was a TV guy with a camera sticking his camera in their faces the whole time! TV really covered it last night, CNN, Abc 15, Channel 3, Fox News, etc. While him and dad were talking, all of us girls and another lady were goin at it with this man who was pro-abortion. Well, not exactly, he was sorta confused too! The lady who was with us was RIGHT ON!! She witnessed to him the whole time and really knew her Bible and her argument against abortion. She never got mad, and just kept going back to the Bible. I videotaped the whole thing, so I'll probably make a video of it later and post it. Lisa had the good camera and I had a "bad" camera, so it's not HD video. It was very interesting to go to. Oh, the first speaker that we heard was someone Nightingale, and she's running for governor of California. She was really really good, but she said (and was right) to boycott LA and some others in CA. When she said that, we all went, uh oh, she'll get it on TV for saying to boycott her own state, but she's RIGHT!! All of us know the news, they'll take out the stuff that make the conservatives look bad and show that. Also, tons and tons of men (and women) had guns on them! It was amazing!
JD had a really small turnout, so idk if he'll win over McCain.. we'll see!
OK enough talking and here's some pics:

I put most of the pics at the top
I'll put a video and maybe more pics later...

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