Sunday, December 12, 2010

Catch up///

Gigantic 2010 Phx Light Parade..300,000 people....NUTS~!
me ~~~

Linda and Joy


mom and lily

My new fun to drive (steam roller)
kelli and the dwarf (we got it for skye and it is the cutest thing ever...btw this is in the back of the truck
me and the dwarf stallion
design again
Havent been on for over a month lol..ok
1 Tommy sold
2 New stallion
3 Dwarf
4 Nina/pups
5 Roller


Tyler said...

the dwarf mini is soo cute! looks like you y'all had a great and crazy time : )) -sadie

ilovemyhorseys said...

Oh kay . SO did nina have the puppy's yet ?!?!?!??! im dying to know. call me when they do

ilovemyhorseys said...

OHH! && you got that new stalloin ???!?!

Just Ride said...

She had 10 pups (6 girls and 4 boys) and I knew we were supposed to call you (it was last night_3 am to 8 30 am) but with the r's and faith she was stressed...We called helen but she said Matt didn't want to come and she didn't want to come alone so she skipped and we skipped calling some other people we were supposed to call :( Sorry Hopie lol
Got the new stallion AND we picked up his baby (3 year old mare...idiot) yesterday!!!!!!!

Just Ride said...

the new mare is nameless and NOT HALTER BROKE at 3 yrs old!! my christmas present and my huge project :)