Friday, December 17, 2010

FOG!! and HORSES!!


Pretty pretty :)

Roses all wet

rose leaves wet

our road
Fairy tale house (ours) LOL
ME :)
Anna and Lisa in the field (I am not standing very far away)
Me running out of the fog :)
Our driveway..can't see the road or field at all!
Enjoy! Comment!!!


Emily said...

Wow Jessie looks like y'all have been having a lot of fun! That horse is BEAUTIFUL! I don't remember seeing that one? Did you have it when we were up there in april? Anyways I miss you!

I don't know why its saying Emily? I am logged in on my google account?

Just Ride said...

Wow Sarah haven't talked to you to you in forever.not counting talking to you are you all doing?

Sarah said...

Hey Jessie,
We are all doing pretty good. Getting over being sick. I know it has been way to long.
I called to talk to y'all yesterday but your Grandparents were over so I am going to have to try to call when you aren't so busy :) I have enjoyed looking at your blog and I really miss y'all - tell your family Hello for me!

Just Ride said...

Thanks for the Christmas card!! Looks like you all are doing good :) What is the door (I think that is what it is??) for in the pics??? Grandparents are again lol. Only don't call tonight....we're going caroling..oh and we're going driving with the R's right now :) We're ALWAYS busy....

Just Ride said...

Are you comin down any time soon?

Sarah said...

Yes Jessie it is a door and Its kinda supposed to be the Parents trying to keep us out!(I guess). I will call again.....and try and catch you when you are not sooooooo busy! :D MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!! I am glad you liked our Christmas Card. As for coming down soon....NO Idea!I hope soon!!!! :D - I miss y'all

Just Ride said...

Oh haha....I don't think Ash and Emily are helping you and Vicki much! Looks like they're having a fight of their own lol.
You should ask if ya'll are comin soon?!?!?!

Sarah said...

Yeah I know...right! Mom says we are coming when we have the money for gas. Which I have no idea when that will be. We all really liked AZ.....really did! I miss you soooooo much!


Kirkpatrick's said...
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Just Ride said...

Ohhhhh that's a bummer. What are ya'll up to???