Saturday, July 16, 2011


WOOOW!! I just had to stick on more post on...we're going to Nationals early September in Tulsa Oklahoma!!! So totally excited!

We just bought a new mini trailer that has a tall dressing room and then the back part of the trailer is low. Bought it from BNR Quarter Horses in Texas (they're cutters/reiners) and so we'll go there and pick it up, and then go to Tulsa and stay at AMHR (mini) Nationals for a couple days, and pick up two new mares, Rhythm and Dancer, then (maybe maybe) go visit some friends in Ringwook OK and head home. I think Linda, who owns one of the minis, will go with.

So hope it all works out as planned!!!


Sadie said...

Thats so cool, Jessie! I've been to Oklahoma and it is pretty there... I hope you win, though : )


Jessie said...

We aren't showing...we have to go pick up a new trailer and so we don't have a way of getting horses there....we'll stay in NM, go thru TX, hit OK and stay at the C's house..move on to Nationals, and then stop again at the C's and head home

Jessie said...

Oh and picking up 2 new mares from florida

Sadie said...

Oh, okay. Well i still hope you all have a great time! Its pretty there and i hope you have a good time at your friends house.

Jessie said...

make that 3 mares from florida