Saturday, July 16, 2011


This video was taken the Thursday before his death, and we were all just shocked again at how that horse could move! He was well loved and is VERY missed!!! That is one of the amazingest, goofiest stallions ever, and I still just expect to see him pacing his stall in the barn and it seems so empty down there. He got put down because of colic that started Sunday night around 11 and he stayed overnight at Chapparral Veterinary Medical Center, but the vets had him sedated, and still couldn't control his pain. He was shaking and having seizures from it. His owner, Wendy, bred him and has shown him all his life, and I can't imagine how hard it's been on her, cuz its been really really tough on us! She has been absolutely understanding and great about everything!!

Love you Roller!
*Turn up the sound on the video*

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