Monday, December 5, 2011

All creation testifies to the glory of God.....

...but especially baby horses ♥

Day 1

OOOOOPSY!! (yeah, that's placenta blood :)

From here in pics is one week old-today(....that's the best way to do your math...sitting outside in 60 degree weather with a camera and a beautiful horse to photograph.) ((Another good way is sitting backwards on your horse with the math book on his rump..but that doesn't work with a mini...) (((one more way is 'guard duty' with a pellet gun))) Isn't math bad enough already?? At least do it outside :)
Super cute!Super crazy!!

Cheerio ♫

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Hopeyy ! ( : said...

Ohhhhhhh Myyyyyy Gooooooooooooooosh.
This is probably the cutest thing that has ever been created. I need to come and see her again! SOOOON! ♥