Thursday, December 1, 2011

Holidays are coming up, school's out (even for us homeschoolers,) Christmas decorations going up, Christmas music on the radio, cold weather!!!, decorated mini carts, lights everywhere, excitement growing...but what for?? It's truly shocking how many people will answer "For fun," or even "I don't know, its just what we do," to the question "Why???" We've always been taught a lot of symbolism in the decorations & that all of it is one giant celebration for remembering God's incredible gift--and never really wondered if not everyone thought the same way. We have run into a number of people this year that don't even celebrate...which came as quite the surprise at first, till we got reasons. I can see where they're coming from. Is Christmas Biblical? It certainly is not commanded, but neither are a lot of our everyday activities, and if we are supposed to love/worship God "with all our heart, soul, and mind," how can we do it more so on Dec. 25 (& why Dec 25??.) But, there are festivals/holidays in the Bible that are purely for remembrance.... Any more pros and cons...let's hear them :)

Thanksgiving.....could either be really dreaded or really loved around here...depending on how you take trials. 2 years ago, a good friend that was living at our house miscarried at 18 wks on Thanksgiving, and then this year, mom's 4lb Papillon stud dog was killed by the 85lb Lab stud in the barn who was "defending" his territory and his girl. Maybe God's trying to make a point here?!?! Be thankful in EVERYTHNG, no matter WHAT!!! What's the verse??? "Though You kill me, still I will praise You," or something like that. Talk about faith!

It also bring new meaning to the verse, "Weep with those who weep and rejoice with those who rejoice," because you might not understand how much it hurts until something happens to you. We've heard hundreds of people that come to buy puppies say, "My dog just died and it's finally time to get a replacement." Oh, OK, your dog died. I'm sorry for you, but mine are still alive so we're all well and good. Ouch. It really doesn't feel good at all when it happens to you....I'll be a tad more sympathetic when I hear that. Or when a horse colics. Mom gets nearly hysterical when that happens, and I'm sitting there thinking, "OK, its bad right now, but it always turns out fine in the end...what are you so freaked about? Oops, my mistake. She'd had a TB race-horse mare die from colic...I hadn't. Roller dies (from colic.) Now even a horse as insignificant as Magic colics and I almost start crying. Crazy, huh? And a lesson (at least for me!!)

And I honestly think that every time something like that happens, it makes me more thankful, and I realize how blessed we are and how little (really bad) actually happens. I can still look around at out 19 horses, 11 other dogs, my goofy bird (who doesn't even like me... :) *I wonder who stole her 'love??'*) and my family, and most of all, God, and say !!!WOW!!!! Thank YOU so much!!! We are so incredibly blessed! You just gotta get through that pain, and "everything works out for the good of those who love Him!!!" It is so true, thank God :0


Jordanna said...

Isn't it amazing how suffering actually draws us closer to God? What an encouragement to press on through trials, if only to know our Savior better.

Jessie said...

YES! We just have to trust that everything that happens is for our good or His glory and it'll work out they way He said it would. This past year has really been more of a blessing in some ways, at least for me. Mom is still pretty shook up over her Magi.

David R. said...

I noticed that dig about Remmy. :) Hey, I'm outa the house now for a while, so maybe you can win her back. :)
Yeah, I've been thinking about the whole holidays things myself, and I think I will be doing a post on it explaining my thoughts on it.
On suffering. I heard a quote once, and the jist went something like this.
"People aren't happy because they don't have enough things to make them happy; they aren't happy because they don't have enough things to make them sorrowful."
It takes some thinking to work through that, but it comes down to this. If there wasn't sadness, heartbreak and turmoil, we would never appreciate the good and happy times, and the small things we take for granted. Another quote I heard, is
"You never know what you have, until its taken away."
Just another reminder on being thankful for everything, no matter how small or minuscule.
I know its rather dorky, but there are times (seriously, this is no joke) when I actually want something sad or traumatic to happen, just so I have something to tough through and to be a man through. I know, really dorky, but it ties into the idea that we need sadness to grow us.
Duty is ours; Consequences are God's.
p.s. I miss Magi too. :(

Jessie said...

"People aren't happy because they don't have enough things to make them happy; they aren't happy because they don't have enough things to make them sorrowful."

I like that!! It carries some weight right now...