Thursday, March 29, 2012

Touch of Class pics

Lori looks like she's taking the ribbons and running away and Casey is after those ribbons :)

Aimee sang opera lol

Check out Linda's face in the background...she's so cute :)
I hung out over at the Grand Prix jumpers in between classes with a camera....Boy are they fun to photograph!! This is one of my fav pictures.

This was one of the coolest horses I've ever seen (besides reiners/cutters of course)
Aimee's new little girl was gorgeous!!

The judges thought so too :) She got one out of the three Supreme ribbons, and her half brother won the other two!!

Mick is really ticked about something!!!
Like the outfits?!?!

Bedroom/Kitchen/Dressing Room/storage room/etc

Pretty Beamer :)

I couldn't have asked more out of my little devil!! We even beat Austin and Checkmate in Open Roadster :) That really made my day.

My mommy :) Her and Design really looked cool!!!!
I LIKE that color ribbon!!! Lis said I didn't even smile when I won but looked kinda like someone just punched me in the stomach :) 
My poor little girl absolutely HATED her 5:30am baths....and so did I.
 Those showers had absolutely zilch hot water and is was like taking an ice bath..
so my horse got hers first and then I got mine a little later :(
Poor mare shook for an hour after.

Go Designer!!!

I really don't think that lil guy could have had a better show. 
He won at least under one judge in every class he went in. 
Mom swears someone bribed the judges.
David did it :)
Maryann and Dusty had fun


We finally got Kim talked into doing Roadster, and gave her my silks to use,
and she insisted that she looked like a chipmunk (Alvin and the chipmunks)
 and declared she was only doing it for us. Her last words as she flew into the ring were (to me)
 "I'm scared to death and it's all your fault" :) Doesn't she look scared?!?!
She thought she was gonna fall out of the cart :)
Loren made a great Cruella Deville

Sheryl having fun in her halter class
The unbeatable Sir

Susan and Elana

She's such a crowd pleaser!!! Everyone loved her!

End result: 20 blues, 22 red, 2 yellow, & a reserve grand!!! Pretty cool weekend- and look out Ft Worth!!


Gods Country Boy said...

Or wait... did I?

Jessie said...

Oh yeah you did.

What did you do?

Jessie said...

Oh yes, the hat. Definitely.

Gods Country Boy said...

Well, you insisted on wearing the funny thing in the first place. :D
Goofy sis. Always blaming big bro now aren't ya?

Lisa said...

Yep....and if she's not blaming big bro, she's bossing him around..... :P

Jessie said...

As to the bossing, the poor guy is standing there perfectly void of occupation and looking perfectly useless, but as his timid nature wouldn't allow him to ask, I decided to help him out. And I most assuredly gave him work...agreed?

Now as to blaming, there's a difference between speaking the truth and blaming, correct? David does do everything, yeah?

Lisa said...

Oh brother..."timid nature" that's a huge stretch of the imagination that's for sure.

Gods Country Boy said...

Well, that sure is a first. I have Never. Never. Ever. been called timid.
There might be a reason for that you know.....

Gods Country Boy said...

As for doing everything, we're not going to even start that conversation with these people. It would get way to nasty in far to short a time. You have to remember that I know you fellers well enough to know when you're trying to pull one over.
BTW. I was supervising.

Gods Country Boy said...

HA! I was just looking over the pictures, and just realized that picture of the two guys silhouettes is of me and Noah! I saw it and thought it was of somebody else, until I took a close look at it! Neat shot!

Anna said...

BTW, I was the one who fixed her hat......haha

Lisa said...

Okay....woooow...can I comment on your skills of observation when you don't even recognize yourself in a picture?!?!?

Just sayin'....

Jessie said...

You know, 'everything' does include good stuff too. (Now that was my one nice comment, and it got picked on....ok, no more nice comments.)

And, as to supervising, I bet you couldn't even tell me what we were doing, because you're mouth was going to fast for your eyes to keep up :) So, if you're not supervising, and, as you are too big to be ornamental, than what were you doing?? Nothing. So I fixed that.

And, as to never being called timid, that's merely because everyone is not nice enough to you to tell you the truth, because when they do tell you the truth, you say that you're being blamed. =D

Oh, and Lisa just commented on the other thing left to be picked on, so I'll let it lie.

Jordanna said...

Poor David! All the gals have turned on him!

Gods Country Boy said...

Oh brother -
"don't answer a fool according to her folly......"
*mouth shut, rolling eyes*

Jessie said...

Humph, you're right......I shall call a truce to mine insolence :) Honestly, I'm sorry....I'm afraid my tongue ran away with my discretion....or my teasing did. And, as life and death are in the power of the tongue, I shall shall just shut up now.

Jessie said...

So are you feeling any better now? And are ya'll going to be at the good Friday service?

Gods Country Boy said...

I am better - sorta. Still feelin kinda light-headed. I should be there Friday though, I hope to be better all the way by then!

Jessie said...

Splendid! :P Good enough to come raid us??

Jordanna said...

I'm tagging you, you're welcome to play if you want :)

Jordanna said...

I forgot the link :P

Emily Elizabeth said...

I'm just wondering what breed the ponies are? We have American Shetlands. My great grandpa was in the Shetland Pony Hall of Fame. lol
In Christ,
Emily Horton
(From Bloom!)