Friday, August 26, 2011

No tellin where God is gonna take you

Not even 2 years ago, there we were, in the middle WestWorld all shined up with equally slicked up horses, simply baking in the multiple layers of show clothes. That had been the pattern for the past great many early Octobers....end of the year, huge, State show, the climax of the show year. Then, our only real competition was a girl named Taylor Limdsten and two sisters: Danny and Paige Kemper.

They had equally good horses, more money, bigger trainers and trailers, and fancy show clothes and dripping silver saddles. If we didn't win, it was one of them. Of course, outside the arena, we were all great friends, and we almost bought one of Taylor's horses. Now, this October, we will have just got back from the MINI National show and will have (hopefully) 11 MINI mares due, and not a big horse to be seen! Never would have guessed.

But, it was really wild goin thru the recent Bridle and Bit and Connection. Taylor Lindsten is now into dressage and cross country/3 day eventing..and her trainer is Alice Sarno..who we bought a 18 hand grey Thourghbred, Sterling, and Moms OTT (off the track Thoroughbred) Rula Bula from years ago! But, what was really wild was that she was a medalist in this year's WEG (World Equestrian Games) in Kentucky! She is also modeling for the tack store that Nollie, who owns the Selle Frances Ranch on the corner of Waddell and Cotton!

A nd the Kemper girls have been showing in all the APHyA and winning multiple World titles in Paints and Pinto World. Funny, its like, if they are doin this good now, couldn't we have?

But God has opened a door wide for us with the minis! There's another show in November...ON Missy's due date! Ugh that really stinks. And Angel is monstrously HUGE and we are starting to worry about twins because she still has 3 months left...pray for her.

Anyways...I just gotta learn to be content where I am RIGHT NOW-and not always moaning about things I don't have...I mean, look what I do have, praise God!! I'll get my big horse and my mountains and my ranch and everything else someday....if not ever here, I'll be happy in heaven without it! God is good...


Lisa said...

Amen, baby sister ;-)

Jessie said...

haha big sister :)
I was bored lol
and surprised at results in the Connection