Saturday, September 3, 2011

"chesterton," sick, & sick of it!

I HATE being sick! I got knocked out on Thurs and had a fever coming along nicely by Fri. And CAN'T stop this utterly absurd cough! But, considering that I just polished off a bowl of ice cream, a cookie, and a Sonic slushy...not too bad off. Haha, no, I really am feeling pretty wretched but sugar (in mass quantity) is good for sick people...right?? At this moment, I am perfectly in love with this jolly old HP Touchpad..provides splendid entertainment. But it insists upon not uploading pictures. So I'm kinda mad at it.

Nationals update: now we are taking Dandy as a guard dog and we are delivering one of the Lab pups in Albuquerque (sp?) New Mexico to its new mommy. Next on to Tulsa, where we are now picking up at least 5 horses and some Nationals t-shirts for people here who requested them. We made shirts for us that have our horses and "I AM Ranch" on them ;)

There is supposed to be almost TWO THOUSAND horses there!! Up to 60 entries in the hunter jumper classes!

Oh dear, now I am listening to Lisa in the kitchen bewailing the loss of her beloved "Chesterton," her bug-friend. I was calling him Billy Bob, but she said he looked intelligent and dubbed him Chesterton =O He really did look intelligent...he could fly, had red tips on his wings, and an alligator's face. Pretty cool little guy.

No, incase you are wondering by now, we actually aren't mental, as astonishing as the fact may seem ;-)
Just two tired teenage girls....playing with a bug...and rambling about centaurs....and cyclopes....yeah, we need to go to bed!! <3

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