Thursday, September 15, 2011


has been amazing. and freezing. and late...or early. This is going to be a short post because 1: my fingers are to cold to type and 2: I have to go harness up a trainer's horse and run it up to the arena after this class.
The day we got here, Tuesday, it was pretty hot..107. Yesterday was decent, I think in the 90s. Today, on the other hand, the high was 60, and I don't think it ever hit 50. And it rained, a really cold, unpleasant rain! Dandy has been a complete angel! She travels so well on the floor in the back seat, asleep.

We left AZ at 3am Saturday and got to OK around 1am. Stayed with some great friends for 2 nights in Ringwood and left for Tulsa. Our trailer only made it to Sulphur, so we had to go a total of 6 hours out of our way and got to Tulsa pretty late. The show has been absolutely awesome and a TON of horses, I think numbers are pushing 2000. There has been up to 60 horses (driving) per class.

Lisa and I got to work a little tonight for a trainer....grooming, harnessing, running horses back and forth between the barns and arena, etc. Its kept us warm :} I think it is 1 am here right now and there's still at least 3 classes left. This 'expo square' is HUGE! There's at least 4 "barns" which are like giant covered arenas with rows and rows of stalls and the one immense indoor air conditioned\heated arena. There is a country pleasure class in that has I think 52 horses in it. Typical lunch time is 4pm and dinner (last night at least) was 3am! Quite the hours!

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